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Lord Praven

kaibigan a posted Dec 13, 11
Our new home is Lord Praven. A PVE-West server.


Getting kinda ansy?

kaibigan a posted Dec 11, 11
I know I am. Never should have started playing TOR until Early Access day. Now I feel like I am quitting smoking. Well here is some stuff to make it better..... or worse....

Welcome to Photek Corp

kaibigan a posted Dec 7, 11
7 Years ago a guild was started in SWG with one simple dream. To control the economy on a server. That dream was accomplished. However, with a new game the dream must become reality again.

Photek is a crafting guild in The Old Republic. Its sole purpose is to rule the galaxy by controlling the economy. We can do this in TOR. It will take time, work, and perseverance. We can do it.
Classes wanted
Bounty Hunter
Sith Warrior
Imperial Agent
Sith Inquisitor
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